Officer terms run from June to July each year.

Board Officers

President: Graham Kenney

Vice President: Lawrence Cagigal

VP of Development: Fred Dupy

Secretary: Adam Kice

Treasurer: Jessica Hamilton

Membership Director: Janet Atwood

Vice President, Williamson County: Tanya Watkins
Vice President of Community Engagement: Chikage Windler
Vice President Member Recruitment: Grant McLoughlin
Warch Party - Downtown: vacant
Member at Large: Jeff Bissinger

Communications Committee

Newsletter Editor: Emily Primeaux

Website: Craig Likes

Events Committee

Watch Parties Director: vacant

Events Coordination Director: vacant

Students Committee

Scholarship Chairman: Amy Rader Kice

Recruitment Director: vacant


Honorary Members & Special Contributors (in order of induction)

Rick & Jennifer Akin Club Officers Time, Talent & Finanical Contributors
Rod & Janene Davis Club Officers
Alumni Association Liaisons
in Norman
Time, Talent & Financial Contributors
Sam Wilson   Finanical Contributors
Greg Olds Newsletter Editor Time, Talent & Financial Contributor
Val Billups Club Officer Contributor of Time & Talent
Shane (Hainzinger) Cordova Club Officer Time, Talent & Financial Contributor
Mo Anderson   Financial Contributor
Rick Williamson Club Officer Time, Talent & Financial Contributor