College Fairs are one of the best ways for OU to identify prospective students – and your help is vital.  Annually, hundreds of college fairs are held in local high schools and community centers.  Students attend these programs to “shop” potential colleges.  

The OU Club of Austin needs just a few hours of your time as a Volunteer Recruiter, to attend  one of these events and provide volunteer assistance for OU’s Prospective Student Services recruiting staff:  Christina Lee.

College Fair Volunteer Recruiter Training: 

The below websites are the best source for basic information to prepare you to represent the University of Oklahoma:

Tips for a Successful College Fair:  Don’t get frustrated if you don’t have an answer for every question.  Paid OU staff may have difficulty with questions as well.  It’s important not to guess.  Feel free to have students and parents write down tough questions on the back of their information card.  An OU staff member will send information or call them as soon as possible.  Also, you can give students the OU telephone number:  800-234-6868 or 405-325-2151.  Students can also e-mail OU with questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Volunteer Representatives should be dressed in casual business attire.
-  It’s best to arrive at any program about 30 minutes to one hour prior to start time.  Some programs have a registration and offer refreshments.  Some college information programs will have “rules” which should be distributed during registration.  Please read and follow the guidelines on any handouts.
-  Try not to leave your table or room during the program. I f you must take a quick break, ask another college representative to watch your display.  t is usually best to stand at your table or in your room.  When crowds are slim (or of course if you are really tired), sitting is okay.  The main rule of thumb is to be eager and interested in helping students and parents.
- Please do not drink any alcoholic beverages before, and do not smoke during a college program.

When you can relate your own positive experiences about the University of Oklahoma, please do so!


One of the most rewarding things we do in the community is represent the University of Oklahoma at area high schools, and college fairs.  While the university has full-time employees who actively recruit talented students, it is the volunteers who really ensure the word on OU gets out!  With so many events in the fall, volunteers are needed to cover all the venues. 

All that is needed is the time and willingness to meet and greet area prospects and put a face on OU.  Sharing your experiences as an Alum/former student or your time in the state of Oklahoma is something many parents and (potential) students find quite helpful.  The recruitment folks from OU provide the visuals, handouts, and also make as many of the events as they can.  We pair 'veteran' volunteers with new folks to ensure things are smooth and that everyone gets the information they're there for. 


University of Oklahoma Prospective Students


Below are a few links parents and prospective students may find quite helpful when considering the University of Oklahoma


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